Sami Havia 2015

16.1.2015 New year comes with new projects! First in line is a group show New Narrative and Reader curated by Laura Köönikkä at Bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre in Manchester England, June 6th - 29th September. The exhibition will continue after Manchester to Salo Art Museum on 9th October untill 17th of January 2016.

Then there is another "museum tour" with two frieds of mine Ilari Hautamäki and Kim Somervuori, in collaboration with curator Veikko Halmetoja. The first exhibition will open in Aine Art Museum on 1st of September and will continue with a different selection of works to Hämeenlinna Art Museum in February 2016.

Lines, Forms and Earworms is now added in to the works section.

The exhibition is now over and I would like to thank you all who showed up at the opening and who went to see it afrerwards! Here are a few picks from the media about the exhibition: Helsingin Sanomat, Hufvudstadsbladet and Edit Media.

Update about the Lines, Forms and Earworms exhibition coming up next week!

installationPhoto: Jussi Tiainen

10.9.2014 Here is a short clip about my upcoming show in Korjaamo Gallery. Sorry, it's all finnish and without subtitles.

9.9.2014 I would like to invite you all to the opening of my next solo show Lines, Forms and Earworms 18.9.14. at 6 - 8 pm in Korjaamo Gallery!

The party will continue in Korjaamo's Vintti at 9 - 12 pm, next to the gallery space. There will be two gigs performed by super good 1981 from Turku and Ills who is releasing their new 12" album Civilized to Nothing this weeks friday. So if you like to have a great record + two prints made by me, I recommend to go and get your copy. The exhibition poster is designed by Marja Tikka.



I'm working on my next solo show to Korjaamo Gallery and the opening date is going to be 18.9.14. More information about the show coming up soon! Untill that you can follow the process and some other stuff on my Instagram feed.

13.10.2013 Three new works added!

Kirby Had It Coming California Über Alles Almighty

09.10.2013 I just finished a small lithography project that I made in the lithography center Helsinki Litho. These two works are both one run lithographs from stone and each work is limited to ten copies. If you are interested in buying this limited edition print made by yours truly, contact me or my gallery.

still Muffler

16.06.2013 Hi folks! I'm going to have a summer exhibition with two of my friends Ilari Hautamäki & Kim Somervuori from Korjaamo Gallery. The exhibition is located in a small village called Pukkila, about 80 km from Helsinki. The exhibition space is a quite characteristic old wooden villa, so don't expect to see some super clean white cube with the latest iMacs. What you can expect to see though, is a high quality exhibition with some latest works from the three of us. So take a day off and have a contemporary art flavoured summertrip to Pukkila!

Welcome to the opening party Tuesday July 2nd at 19.00!

Exhibition is open 3.7. - 4.8.13
opening hours: wed - sun 11-17

Galleria Koivulinna
Koivulinnantie 2
07560 Pukkila